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Two Exhibitions between

Two Major Strikes

Exhibiting Hong Kong at the British Empire Exhibition in 1924 and 1925

The Hong Kong Section at Wembley

In 1924 and 1925, the British Empire Exhibition was held in Wembley Park in London to promote the cooperation within the British Empire. Hong Kong joined with an independent exhibition area (i.e. the Hong Kong Section), which was the only comprehensive showcase of Hong Kong in Britain during the colonial era.  


In the 1920s, British imperialism and Chinese nationalism shaped the socio-political environment of Hong Kong. Moreover, two major general strikes, both of which involved major political parties from China, took place in Hong Kong before and during the exhibition. The organisational process, design of the pavilion, choice of exhibits, and responses in both Britain and Hong Kong at the time, illustrate Hong Kong’s relationship with Britain and China in the 1920s. 

The Collection

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